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Welcome to “Change Our Thinking”, A place where you will find meaningful, heartfelt articles that will hopefully help you view the world around you with a new perspective.

I am happy that you decided to stop by!

It is my intent to publish a new post at least 3 days each week as often as I can, in one of the two sections at the top of the page.

The “Life in Pieces” Blog section contains posts that are centered around my life and how my experiences and beliefs influence my interactions with the world. Select the link, if you want to know more about how “Life in Pieces” began and what you can expect in each post. The link takes you to the first post in the series.

The “Blog Shorts” section is the general blog that contains posts on a variety of topics. Oftentimes, my post will be may be in response to the WordPress, Daily Prompt, which inspires me to write on a topic that I have never considered. No matter what I am writing about, it is my intent to keep it short.

Current: Life in Pieces Post


Life in Pieces of the Kite Tale
Does a kite’s tail serve a purpose in my life?
Published August 5, 2017

Life in Pieces of Then and Now
30 years ago, I handled depression very differently than I handled it in 2017. Read the post to find out how I have changed.
Published – July 23, 2017

Current: Blog Shorts Post


Doing Right to Survive
How to we survive each day?
Published – August 30, 2017

Move Along
What does it take to get from one point to another?
Published – August 7, 2017















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